I was a day trader for 22 years, within the biz called a spot trader.

I'm no longer on a trading desk as I'm retired and because of my currency background all my investing has been currency related trading the gold and silver sector since 2003

For me its all about momentum as imo without it its a dead money position, I'm sure nobody would argue water will be a huge momentum trade one day but being long today in that space its dead money.

Years ago I was long the uranium sector riding yellowcake from $20lb to $115 before leaving the space and never returning....Fukushima last year was a trend changer, imo u308 is dead money

Rode the solar momentum while crude rose from $50-$150 as the world looked for alternative energy.

I hold a position in silver and gold bullion from 2003 (which I never trade) and trade the momentum swings in FR since late 09 from $4....its been crazy

I've never, ever picked a bottom or top on FR's chart these past 3 years but thats the best part of trading a momentum driven stock within a 12 year bull market one doesn't have to get your entry postion perfectly.

Continued success to you...........FR's chart has $21.56 and $19.41 as support and resistance is now at $22.97

Imo how this week finishes is going to be very important be it FR, silver, gold, general indexs and oil