Not sure about the (Doing enough) part

I think I only said I felt satisfied they were doing all they could unless I'm missing something or someone here has suggestions for them that they are not doing.

Fieldwork programs for Wale,Orca, Garth's Knob & Yukon properties on as extensive a scale as will allow without drilling to preserve cash burn.

Doing presentations to potential JV partners , he suggested that Wale & adjacent properties may be best suited for partnering with a mid-tier miner, rather than a major or juniors....hmmm and he reminded me that the JV on Decar was signed with Cliffs before any drilling occurred!!!

Although scaled back, the exploration efforts continue for more deposits globally.

When I asked if he thought Cliffs was preparing us for takeout at year end when the poison pill runs out, he said he did not believe that is Cliffs agenda, and that he has a high degree of confidence that they will go forward with Decar.

As mentioned prior , when I asked about possible near term catalysts for the shareprice if any, he said he was interested to see how Cliffs plans to proceed with the recommendations by Caracle Creek to drill out the east extension of Baptiste as that would likely result in the PEA being greatly expanded due to expanded resource and that is where the coarsest  grains were being realized when previous drilling cut off in the last program.

I asked about the company activities surrounding engaging fund managers and analysts to spread the story of what we are doing and efforts to securing future funding,

He said that is Jim Gilbert & Rob Robertson's job and as far as he knew they were continually active in these activities , but that it is his job to spend the money and theirs to keep him funded.

I made a few humble suggestions like insider buying and I suggest if any here have any ideas or think of something they believe that management has not done or could try, they seem to be listening,

Some here might say, of course, what do you expect him to say in regards to the above, but I chose this company because of management and in this current market conditions, I think when the dust settles and the commodities market rebounds and it will, it will be solid management bringing the lowest cost projects of scale like Decar while cutting the carbon footprint in half when compared to similiar projects equal in scale, will separate who is left standing in the resource sector.

Hard as it may be right now to envision, to me this stock still has the potential to be a $50.00 or better stock, and when things seem as bleak as possible, like right now is the time to be filling my boots, which is exactly what I'm doing.

The best buys I've ever made have almost made me sick to my

 But then again, what do I know, this is just what my DD has told me, yours may tell you something completely different.

Many were smart to exit entirely and perhaps re-enter when fundamentals suggest.

In hindsight I wished I had too, so only one strategy left for me to play, if I still believe, and that is continue to accumulate.