RBC is no friend of ours , they cross traded the shares down to where they are and now it looks like they are starting to hand them to their buddies

I don't think they are fooling anyone with their use of anon

Going to be a bit longer before we start the reversal...imo

Britton said they were working on a few things that he was unable to talk about....hmmm!

We will see....this Canadian market (commodities) is a train wreck, but I think this commodities Supercycle is still intact with this being 2-3 year correction (cleaning out the sheep by the Goldmans of the world) and resumption around mid 2014 my guess.

One only has to understand global population growth as the key driver , the world will have added well over 100K new mouths to feed just today alone.   http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/

China is transitioning to a consumption based economy, likely meaning slower growth at the start, but give it a year or 2 to gain traction.

If I'm right, we should see a lot of M&A in the interim, posturing for this eventuality, China bidding for Smithfield today is just the start.

i still think Cliffs remains a target themselves.

Again...we will see