Shaker that was a thought provoking post that included your conversation with Britton.   I follow First Point because the Nickel concept behind First Point seems really to grasp and is cool.  The concept is especially interesting to me because another company  that I have interest has some of the same interests as First Point, in the Alurite process being viable if their deposit is proven viable.  

    Maybe I am dumb, but I have never been able to get  a good handle on where the companies prospects lie from a logistical standpoint.  The message always seems to be   We are waiting on Cliff's and we have no idea whether Cliff's is seeing good stuff.      

 What might be helpful would be for you to call Britton back and try to pin him down on the kinds of non proprietary information that will help you explain where the company stands in terms of economic viabilty relative to the cost of nickel.     A lot of factors would go into trying to pin that down.   For example the transportaion cost.  Whether the market for the refined stainless out of the foundry would be in Asia or in Canada.  If Canada can use the stainless,  does Canada produce stainless now and would the capability contribute to National security?   How much will a mine cost to build including infrastructure.    What needs to happen in order for a First Point project to be viable.   We know a Cliff's favorable decision will make the stock go up.   Lets try to find out what economic challenges the company faces  starting with the minimum nickel price that is neccessary as  a floor.   Of interest,  Bradshaw was one of the directors swept away this week in a Kobex  house cleaning.   Kobex managed to excise 4 directors while keeping 3.   It may have been Bradshaw stepped aside to help assuage the feelings of the Chairman who may have asked to walk the plank.  It may be that the company saw Bradshaw as only aboard to try to help First Point.    My point is that if Bradshaw was any kind of superstar in nickel in the eyes of Kobex,  they might have managed to keep him on board.  

 Thanks   Canada Moose

PS  I think Alternative Something or Other is a really cool geek and sincerely dedicated to the quest for answers.   If I needed to engage an Alchemist  Alternative would come to mind first.