I agree with you AlternativeVeiw. I think next year will be good for FPX share holders.

The problem right now is that Cliffs can not buy more (or sell) shares untill Jan. 1st 2014.

That has put this stock into the abyss.

I think that as soon as Cliffs can get more controll then the cards will start to be dealt.

AlternativeView, you and i think different, you are all about numbers and facts ( i respect that) 

but i am all about thinking how the Big Players wil play their cards. It has saved me a lot of money

over the past years as it is all that really matters. Getting a mine in place is just a bonuce. 

The major rule in trading is never, ever, fall in love with a stock. Like a prostitute. they will laugh at 

you as they take money from your wallet as you sleep. I hope one day, when Cliffs can get in the game,

(Jan. 1st 20140 things will turn around.Just my opinion.