I communicated twice with Robertson over the past Few weeks regarding the PEA Release Date.  I would be very surprised to see anything this week. He was pretty firm that they would be reviewing the information and have their own back and forth discussions with Cliffs prior to any press release.  He expected this to take a week or more, so I'm not expecting any information before next Wednesday or Thursday at the Earliest.  Don't take my word for it, feel free to email Robertson or Gilbert.  I'm sure they are busy, but, they will get back to you.  I've never had an email go unanswered.

Yes the tension is high and emotions can get the better of you with the Idle waiting, but, whatever you do don't panic.  It would be like quitting a marathon within sight of the finish line in.  Take a deep breath and stop looking at the stock/ news feeds.  Nothing major is going to take place this week.