Kaiser is still long this stock.  As I pointed out in a previous post there really isn't much worth speculating on until the PEA is released.  I fully expect that Kaiser will be putting out an updated report shortly after the PEA.  

Crazy as for your comments regarding the trading irregularities there is absolutely no question that "someone" is intentionally selling stock to keep the share price down, and it is being done by a pro who has used multiple computer trading programs to achieve this.  I have speculated on why someone would be willing to intentionally lose money to suppress the SP and this is the best I have been able to come up with: If someone was hoping to take a big position on this stock, but, was not willing to do so until they had seen the PEA, then employing a strategy of selling just enough shares to keep the price low might end up being very profitable.  Lets say that someone hopes to purchase 10% or more of the company.  PEA comes out at .40 and runs up to $1 while they accumulate.  They are in for less then $10mil.  If the PEA were to come out and it is already a $1, then they start to accumulate with all that momentum behind it the SP could quickly run up to $4 costing them much, much more than the few hundred thousand or less that they may have lost in selling off the stock to keep the price down.  The total Float on this stock is pretty minimal at under 100mil so the big question is where will the shares come from for someone to accumulate a big position? 

Everything is lining up up for FPX to be a Home Run, I cannot believe that the SP is not already over $1.  If my theory is correct, once the selling pressure is gone, PEA is out, selling momentum changes to buying this stock should FLY.