My first share purchases date to 2005 and have been following this very closely (some might say obsessively) since the Cliffs JV.  In looking at the Charts, the Volume Increase, and the trading momentum, I believe that we are in a much stronger upswing then we saw in December which brought us up to .61.  Yesterday's Action is confirmation of the next big leg up, which is going to continue building with only 3-1/2 weeks to go until PEA. 
A quick look at the 1 yr daily chart shows the 50 day crossed the 200 day on Feb 6th.  The SP broke through the 50 day for the first time yesterday (in over a year) and a .50 close breaks through the 200 Day.  Look at the the Chart back to December 19th-Jan 2nd with the  .58-.61 close, then look back to December 6th low @ .355 two weeks earlier which shows a 70% jump in share price.  70% from recent Feb 4th Low of .40 = .68, 70% from yesterdays close is .82., 70% from Dec 19 .61 = $1.03.  Keep in mind that we now have volume and momentum on our side plus the pending game changing news that was absent in December.   Bigger blocks of shares are trading.  RBC downward selling pressure... hopefully gone?? 
If RBC hadn't stepped in and flooded 2mil + shares into the Market starting around the time it hit 60 cents six weeks ago, where would the share price be today?  Certainly higher than 60 cents.
Assuming that the RBC sell volume has dried up, with three weeks to go until the PEA, we are going to start seeing things heat up.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a .60 price at some point next week .  Another day like yesterday and we should move right through the .50's.  I'm expecting a min 50-70% jump in yesterdays close pre PEA.   With such a small float of shares the upward price swings can be volatile.  Don't expect big blocks of cheap shares to continue being available.  Myself and others have been happy to gobble up as many shares as we can afford over the past few Months, however I suspect the days of sub 50 cent shares are essentially over.  I wouldn't be surprised to see the SP hitting new all time highs over $1 within weeks.  IMO