Galore Creek went over budget to over $5.5 billion mostly because of tailing design.  It shares a lot of the infrastructure and permitting issues that most mineral projects have in BC, including Decar / Wales.  The rail line you refer to is actually a rail bed, mostly has no track and heading in the wrong direction (southeast) it was moth balled over 30 years ago.  Yes access to Galore is more difficult which is why I suggested 2 billion less in capital  (probably I was being generous).    If you don’t like that comparison look anywhere else on the planet (South America, Mongolia) where there is cheap construction labor and all those large projects (>125K tpd) are over $4 billion and the engineers just keep screwing up the capital costs royally.  Mount Milligan is nearby, even closer to infrastructure and much smaller, but again starting to look like another under estimate and approaching $2 billion.  If you say there is no way to pay back these kinds of capital cost with the in-situ metal value at Decar or Wales then thanks you answered my question and I don’t need to wait for the PEA.