It is hard to sit back and read some of the speculation.  I have never posted before and likely will not again.  Crazy - Many of your assumption are wrong, especially RBC. I know for a fact that all of the RBC buying and the RBC current Selling Are unrelated parties.  I also know who bought the majority of the shares sold since last summer, which is made up of a group of existing long term private share holders that are very bullish on this stock.  There are always hundreds of reason that people sell and it is useless to speculate at what those reasons might be.  Any sell off now is a cheap buying opportunity that you'll be glad you took advantage of come March.  It is hard to watch the SP languish...  unless you're still adding to your position.  By the way, FPX management is great about answering questions, so If you want to know why a certain director has sold off a portion of his options just ask. (likely to cover the tax he'll have to pay for exercising them)