Two things;


1  Be very careful whan all the analysts agree on something.  Analysts use historical data, knowledge and a "system" to arrive at how the future might unfold.   All predictions about the future are uncertain.  Analysts have no better average than a dart board.   Check 20 or 30 analysis that were done a year ago.  Predictions of $75 may now be $32,  $28 may be $15, $5 may be 62 cents etc

2.  The point of industrial usage of silver is valid.   The downside is that if supplies tend to grow a little and demand stays weak then the silver ratio to gold could increase (say 50 ounces to 60 ounces of silver to one ounce of gold).

Silver will forever be way more volatile than gold.  One reason is that it is only one sixth the size when expressed in dollars. So a small number of investors can shift the needle more easily


Having said that, I too am more optimistic about silver  at this time.