Negotiations are just that; negotiations. 

We should not see another illegal blockage; that was from a labor union upset about losing the election.  Besides, if the military has to break up another illegal blockade, the blockaders are likely to be in big trouble. 

Excellon feels they do not need to give away much in negotiations as the mother-lode, as I understand the situation, is not on their land!  It is possible Excellon might walk away from surface rights to the Ejidio's land, knowing that there is enough metal elsewhere to keep them occupied for a decade or more.  Besides, Excellon still has the underground rights. 

If the Ejidio wants extortionary rates to dump water on their land, and Excellon does not need their land for this any longer, then why pay them at all?  The arrangement with them may be coming to an end.  If it continues, it is likely to be at a much reduced rate of pay.