Rocketman Get that rubbish off here. No one here wants to read it. ... I happen to know quite a bit about the Timmins area )and their gold. Check my profile if you want. Metals Creek is nothing more then a company throwing darts. The results in the press release were a rehash of old news from Spring and the results are nothing special for the Timmins area. All the press release tells us is they are going to drill another 1200 meters, Big wooop!  Its a 50/50 JV Their going to have to bleed investors by raising the share count for funding and they already have near 100 million OS. They have no official NI43-101, no PEA study. They have years and years of drilling before they could ever possibly prove something worth while. And then they have  get something going, and thats a longshot at best.  If youd like Ill go over to your MEK board and enlighten your friends over there? I don't think they will be to happy with you.