Your enthusiasm is noted with thanks, but would be tough to commute on the rusty old Alice Chalmers.

I'm busy angling for a Senate seat anyway.  My platform might be "Greedy and sleazy, but not as greedy nor sleazy as the other guys." 

BTW - have the long-term fundamentals for copper and gold ever looked any better?  The public's frustration in no easy money these days (I mean easy profits, we are awash in cheap money) is actually heartening to me although it leaves us in a sluggish depressed market.  The picture and our valuation should improve.  Central banks doth protest to much and I'll believe in deflation when I start seeing more left over in my wallet every time I go to the gas station, hardware store, grocery store ... etc.,.  Not seeing anything like it.  Seems to me those that print money just want everybody to think it has more bang than it really does.  In their shoes I'd push the same nonsense too.