I also follow the EGI boards on Yahoo for this stock. Didnt you say you sold your position at .595 and put a buy order in for .495? Seems like you're currently out of this stock and basically penny flipping.

However you could have a core position and trade some here and there to increase your position like alot do..

Most on this board arent interested in $10 gains and have a long term horizon (eg 2015) when OT starts producing its underground portion. If your looking at gaining a quick buck, this might not be the stock for you. Those with the patience will profit in the long term (we hope).

I personally wish they would just spin off the Nevada properties and sit on the OT until we get bought out or cash flow begins. However they seem hell bent on proving up resources at the other property and we keep getting dilluted. I hope a JV is in the works for the Nevada properties...

I personally think anything around this level is a win in the long term.


Good luck to all!