I should have been a bit more clear, I think Don has his talent and has progressed this asset in a great direction and has done what he can as far as he can and now has reached a point of spining tires and I think the share price shows this now.

Now I have listen on the sidelines to some of the talks at these events and every time its a geo perspective of attack, missing that business mentality that goes so far beyond mining that drives a company to the next step. Without that , you stall and go sideways. Are we sideways now? In my mind yes, based on the volume and SP

I like it so much when you see these juniors have CEO's who make accomlishments in an asset , but don't have the balance to be a CEO,  pass the title to another person, knowing if they are to leap up to the next level they require the people to do so, so they can shape this showing a natural step in the right direction to take it to the next level and thats integrity within a asset that few assets have people who bring on quality management to attack issues from a multi tasking position

If ER is ever going to ever make it and shape into something positive and become   alive ,  it will require a multi tasking ceo or an addition to the team who can drive this as a company form a business side of events and listen to the Geo and not just a geo operational side which I feel is being done at this time.

I would love to see someone join the ER team, that either takes the lead or they addnew  flavour to the management team that represents a business attitude.

I am sure change will come with support of Don or without, but regardless it would be great to see it soon.