I think one of the problems with this asset is, the comfort level that management has of doing things the way they want. I have been in attendence to multiple investor shows and have had the chance to listen to Don and its always seems to be the same dry and basic generalization of the big picture from a geos stand point, often repeating himself  year after year and missing the business perspective of what his position is accountable to worry about and deliver.                                                        

I just wish the stress of the SP  and volume would one day come to the attention of the larger investors in this asset and maybe  judge and review managements actions to be accountable for the share price and not just the daily operations.                                                                                                                                 I  myself have never been thrilled to have GEO's take the lead on a company after a certain stage as they seem to be missing areas of their leadership and not to say they cant play that position at an early stage, but I think their comes a time when leadership has a need to be experts in specific areas to move an asset to a level that needs a business perspective and not just a Geo's perspective so it does not stall and SP falls to new lows and not matter what NR comes out the range levels just seem to get lower and lower .