Well there I was just laying back having my usual glass or Napoleon Brandy at Reds on Bay street when I was approached by an irate and very loud patron demanding information!  Well as usual I take things in stride and continue to sip my brandy awaiting my boisterous friends next indulgence!  Deacon I am thinking is this the Deac who else would be so a nal as to approach a man and his brandy!

Then I looked again this man was wearing a well tailored suit not a hot dog vendors typical dress can;t be Deac maybe this well dressed man is Deacs wife!  Hmm boisterous loud maybe!  My drink was finally done and I was done with this fool I quickly rammed my fist down his throat and had the bouncers remove his bleeding b utt!

I will always wonder was it deac was it his wife or a hit man sent for me by him oh well bartender dear sir another brandy!