people apparently goat sales in Hungry are down this quarter from 47 to 32 this people is very disconcerting according to hungarian goat herdsmen next quarter will see 8 less goats exported .

People this really does prove that all commodities are indeed worthless ,i will sell all my gold plays and other commodities and buy ETFs this is called de-risking my action as they say on BNN ,theres no doubt all commodities are worthless based on this goat export report .PEOPLE THIS IS CALLED HEADWINDS AND THE FEARTRADE WINS ALL THE TIME.Now ,once i de-risk my useless commodities i will play real gems like fixed income a bundle of bonds paying 1% or a ETF paying 1% ofcourse one could not achieve 1% on his or her own self we should pay trailing costs as our carsalesmen/financial exports say ,how could we question these remarkable people,lol.