sorry for poor machine translationi quality from Spanish original. It is translated from todays Vanguardia Newspaper article. The full article in original is available here.

Here follows the part which may give some hints about AUX activities. I marked some fat.

-------------------------------- publishes the statement issued by AUX:

"With regard to the demonstrations that occurred in the town of California by some community members, AUX Colombia informs the public that:

1. AUX rejects pathways made as a pressure mechanism that does not allow the free development of a dialogue with the communities. Harmonious and constructive interaction with the community is a priority for the company, as well as safety and respect for the integrity of all involved.

2. The company did not request the presence of the security forces to dispel the actions of some people, this was due to duty of the institution to ensure law and order in any part of the country where events occur that threaten the safety of people .

3. AUX is aware of the labor situation experienced by the municipality of California and despite not being directly responsible for the current unemployment situation, analyze alternatives to provide solutions to the community. In this regard, the Company has maintained an ongoing dialogue with the inhabitants of the municipality through joint working groups, with the support of the mayor, which have shed their needs, prioritize them and offer alternatives.

4. AUX reiterates the invitation to the community of California to continue to participate in the working groups in finding alternative employment, in a scenario of peace and respect very much, without resorting to ways of doing things or pressure mechanisms.

5. The AUX Colombia project is at a stage focused on obtaining the necessary licenses to begin the production phase. At present the Company does not assume direct contracting, but offer alternatives to generate indirect jobs. The proposed AUX in the workshops are aimed at generating 60 new indirect jobs for Californians, as follows:

  • 18 jobs in ATEMPI (security and surveillance company), who will begin training course next Wednesday.
  • Push 4 through Colombian company that is responsible for community works.
  • 12 in Chitarera, first drilling Californian company render services to AUX.
  • 5 on Niteku contractor for civil works and infrastructure.
  • 4 in Logan contractor providing drilling services.
  • 2 for reforestation.
  • CAVES 15 in the company, food service provider.

6. AUX calls for institutions and companies present in California, to join efforts in finding the best solutions to generate alternative employment for the inhabitants of the municipality. The welfare and development of Californians is a commitment. "

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