Thursday February 14, 2013 - 4:18 a.m.

Congress debated the legality of declaration Santurbán Park

The fifth committee of the House of Representatives held a debate of political control on 21 March to discuss the delimitation of the moor and review the technical, economic and social proving the legality of the declaration of the Regional Natural Park Paramo de Santurbán.

This was determined after the public hearing held in the municipality of streaks, where the mining community of Surata, California and Vetas, expressed their concerns about the future of their main economic activity.

The people of Vetas were emphatic in demanding guarantees to continue mining, being this the main economic activity for more than 450 years.

Likewise, the community of this county authorities warned the 155 lots that are affected with the declaration of the Regional Park. "They are 155 farms and 78 as shown in studies of the authorities, the properties affected. The error in this figure is the lack of updated cadastral streaks, because it is not 20 years ago, "said a spokeswoman for the miners.

In turn, the mayor of Vetas, David Gonzalez, also expressed rejection. "My words are an expression of dissatisfaction and sadness as such actions affect our economic activity (referring to the declaration) ... A decision on the pretext of caring for the ecosystem, has damaged more than 10 000 inhabitants of Vetas, Surata and California, "said the president of the municipality 'crib' Santander.

This is the first hearing after the declaration of the Regional Natural Park Paramo de Santurbán to assess the economic, social and the impact it will have on the communities the future delimitation of the moor, under the provisions of the Act of the National Development Plan.

The absence of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Juan Gabriel Uribe, was questioned by board members.

After the hearing, the prosecutor thin for environmental and agricultural issues of Santander, Jairo Camargo, and the Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy, Natalia Gutierrez, undertook to convey the concerns of the inhabitants of the province of North Soto National Government.

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