Tuesday February 12, 2013 - 11:50 AM

Tomorrow will be discussed in the future of the moor Vetas Santurbán

After 9:00 am on Wednesday there will be a public hearing convened by the Fifth Committee of the House of Representatives to follow up on the technical, economic, social and environmental benefits for the delimitation of Santurbán moor.

This is the first hearing after the declaration of the Regional Natural Park Paramo de Santurbán to assess the economic, social and the impact it will have on the communities the future delimitation of the moor, under the provisions of the Act of the National Development Plan.

According to the mayor of Vetas, David Augusto Gonzalez Jacome, in some municipalities in the region of North Soto, 95% of the people depend directly or indirectly on mining.

"The definition of protected areas should be made with community involvement and affected parties, and include the resulting social and economic studies mandated by law. Otherwise, the communities of the region will be displaced, losing important areas that today are traditional mining production, agriculture and livestock. This should be a concerted process with communities that request to be heard, "said Gonzalez.

At this hearing the communities of the North Region require Soto to the authorities to be recognized and respected tradition of gold mining for over 450 years, agriculture, livestock and environmental services in the region traditionally Paramo Santurbán. Also, ask to be respected acquired rights and the right to work.

Who is involved?

The public hearing will be attended by Ministers of Mines and Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, the Director of the Regional Corporation for the Defence of the Meseta de Bucaramanga, the President of the National Mining Agency, the Institute Director Alexander von Humboldt, the President of the National Hydrocarbons Agency, the Mayor of streaks, the Attorney General for Environmental and Agricultural Affairs, Deputy Comptroller for Mines and Energy, the Director of Environmental Licensing Authority and the House Representative for Santander, Lina Maria Barrera.

The Fifth Committee of the House of Representatives approved the call for a public hearing after the declaration of the Regional Natural Park Paramo de Santurbán to analyze the economic and social aspects and assess the impacts on communities, as established by Law of the National Development.


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