Remember that it was BMO that gave Galway the loan that AUX guaranteed at prime plus a half % UNSECURED !!! BMO is Eike's henchman !!! Of course they see it negative :-) But I see it it the other way........Eike's goons are out and about !!!

From BMO:


Notice of Legal Proceedings Received

Impact Potentially Negative

Details & Analysis Eco Oro announced that it has been served with a notice of legal

proceedings in the Eighth Civil Court of the City of Bucaramanga filed by

Soceedad Mina Los Diamantes Ltda. and Crisanto Pena Gelvez. The

claimants are seeking the annulment of an assignment and sale agreement

entered into in 1994 by the claimants and Eco Oro pursuant to which Eco

Oro acquired mining permit 3452 from the claimants, which retained net

profits royalties. The company believes the claimants’ allegations are

without merit and is seeking to file its defense in due course and initiate a

claim for damages and for costs against the claimants. The claimants

allege that not all formalities were observed at the time the agreement was

entered into and that the agreement should be annulled on that basis. Eco

Oro is of the view that no deficiencies existed and, amongst other things,

the statute of limitations can be invoked to reject the claims. Furthermore,

the agreement requires any dispute raised by the claimants to be settled by

way of arbitration and not the courts. BMO Research finds the timing of

the claimants’ actions questionable given the amount of time that has

passed since the assignment and sale agreement was signed in 1994 and

the lands consolidated in 2007