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Eco Oro Minerals Corp T.EOM

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Alternate Symbol(s): GYSLF

Eco Oro Minerals Corp is a publicly-traded precious metals exploration and development company with a portfolio of projects in Colombia. The Company is engaged in development of the Angostura Project in northeastern Colombia.
Price: $0.33 | Change: +$0.02 | % Change: +6.45%
Volume: 26,000 | Day High/Low: 0.33/0.29 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.93/0.30

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dear EOM execs: BUY EOM SHARES

Now aren’t we all having another terrific Eco Oro week? Duh no… Sheesh! Here’s the “share and share alike” deal: most (if not all) posters on this EOM bullboard OWN more shares than the managers of...read more
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RE:Minister of Environment meets farmers yesterday

Wow, a specific date and a very specific document. It can not get more clear than this. Optimistic that it will come to pass but not holding my breath given all that has gone down so far.  rate and reply
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Minister of Environment meets farmers yesterday

Yesterday, the Minister of the Environment met with farmers in the Santurban area.  The discussion primarily revolved around the displacement of the farmers from the Paramos areas.  Not much of...read more
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Shareholder Meeting May 9th

Hello, Thanks for your replies to my email box.  I was brought into this company via a colleague awhile ago because I was involved in other parts of this country in similar ventures and other...read more
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RE:Misery Loves Company

Good Morning, I completely understand the issues and the duress they are under.  I am not sure if you read their circular prior to the May 9th meeting but I was suprised in my opinion to see the CEO...read more
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Misery Loves Company

In case anyone thinks we are being hard done by, we are not alone. Anglogold has it's own set of problems. For example:http://groundup.org.za/content/cold-reception-anglogold-ashanti-colombia. There...read more
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RE:RE:RE:A Little Different

Sorry - subtract - can't spell but can add/subtract, should have spell checked, forgive. MM  rate and reply
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RE:RE:A Little Different

Anyone have an idea of how much $$ is left in the kitty and how much EOM is going through a month to keep things going? If there is any info on money flowing in and the source, that would be nice also...read more
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RE:A Little Different

What you believe and expect Schiff is significantly different than the facts. Santos has been in power for 4 years and during his term nothing coming directly from the Government has worked for us and...read more
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A Little Different

Right now I think all we need is for the current incumbent Colombian government to mostly get re-elected.  We will know the answer to that within the next 2 months. Shortly after that I see the final...read more
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Moving forward

For some time I have been of the opinion that for a number of reasons, EOM was the first domino that had to be sorted out before GLW and CBJ and possibly others could move forward with their mining...read more
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time rots everything

how about the 6 big players go as 1 entity. when they get the same govt. cold shoulder its time to sell.  rate and reply
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Hello oldtimer, Failure of the Government to make a decision is only one part of our problem, no one knows what Eco Oro's conversations are behind closed doors with officials, but the results so far...read more
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The noise from farmers, miners and environmentalists is only a byproduct of the failure of the a Government to make a decision. None of the issues pertaining to these groups has anything to do with...read more
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Forecast, Do you think this may already be in the process?  If you hire a CFO who left that maybe you will have a controller manage the remaining funds and then the Law Firm will be guided by the...read more
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The door is already swinging shot for Eco Oro, it turns out that nobody is happy and it doesn't seem to make any difference for the Colombian government. In my opinion it is critical for Eco Oro to...read more
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RE:RE:Amber Capital Correction

Hi Tot i am not sure EOM had someone in the CFO position. There was no thank you to someone leaving and tha appointee, as you mention, Mr. Robertson, had previously been CFO from September 2011 to...read more
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RE:Amber Capital Correction

Hello, I appreciate the input.  I am always curious to how these projects or companies don't move forward and your history lesson was comprehensive.  I knew of their percentage but did not know their...read more
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Low volume walk down

I hate days like these.  The stock is down 7% on less than 10,000 shares traded.  So roughly $3000 traded has taken $2M off of the market cap.  Didn't the minister say clarification would be provided...read more
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Amber Capital Correction

Hi again Tottenham  i need to to correct my previous comments on Amber. I mistakenly said Amber acquired 10% of the outstanding shares of EOM to get control. It is obviously 20%. I have pasted their...read more