To Atkhan:

1. No, the RRSP buying has not stopped. The self-motivated RRSP buyers (who tend to act early in December and early January have taken a break and its slowed down for a week. The surge in BANK-MOTIVATED buyers will get underway shortly. I got my annual call last Friday from my own bank rep wanting to know if I would be contributing to my RRSP, explaining the tax thing, etc. As usual, they offered me an RRSP LOC (40K this year for me) to transfer to an RRSP. I am sure many of you who personally deal with Canadian banks are also starting to receive the same types of calls from your respective institutions. There will also be a surge of "panic" buyers starting in mid-February. Be ready to act on the volume.

2. The "daytrader effect" has only managed to make it go sideways for a short period while the RRSP drip has softened. This is testament to the forces at work here and the strength of this stock.

To everyone else:

1. Unless there is a PGM, stock, economic calamity, RRSP contributions will rule for a while.

2. I am making a new prediction based on statistical analysis and the stock attributes world wide and comparison of similar situations. By March 1, 2013:

- there is a 75% probability this will reach 37 cents on or before that date (already hit 28 cents this year).

- there is a 95% probability this will reach 32 cents on or before that date.

- the above are void if a calamity occurs.

3. The analysts say this will hit 50 cents in spring. I am in agreement, but the SP will drop a bit early March before the rise to 50 cents (as short term investors sell off).

As always, there is no guarantee.