1. To Puntjabi, you must be deaf in one ear and blind in the other. OF COURSE, there are many factors. BUT FOR THIS STOCK, FOR THIS PERIOD DEC-MAR, the overriding factor will be retirement funds (notwithstanding a negative or positive calamity for other reasons) metrics. Why do you fail to see that? You are bogged down by your own thinking (and admission of the same) by paradoxes in your own theories!! What does the little red devil on your shoulder want to tell you buddy? My explanation has no paradoxes and fully explains what has happened since mid-December. And it can be proven. Watch the morning drip. Examine the institutions. Throw in your random news items. You know who you remind me of? Coffins ex-sidekick "The Old Prospector". You must spend hours editing and re-editing your board responses, grammer checking, trying to make them making them picture perfect By your narratives, it seems you are WHINING.

2. To Atkhan, if RRSP's were no factor, this would be sitting at 13 cents until Jan, risen a cent or two, then maybe another cent a few days ago to 15 cents on the PGM news a few days ago. You already know where I stand, this will rise until end of February. Be ready to sell mid-end February, then buy back mid-March.

3. I challenge the "bigshot" Punjabe to make a bold new prediction. If he does, I will. The loser will leave the board forever, and make a public admission that TheAtom was right AND THAT EVERYTHING THEY THOUGHT THEY KNEW ABOUT TRADING WAS FALSE  . The prediction must declare a maximum stock price and target date for that price. The target date must be before March 1. Example: "I Punjabii/TheAtom due herely predict a maximum SP of x.xx will be reached by xxx 99, 2013 (where xxx = month Feb or Mar and 99 = day of month). The winner will be decided by the posters on the board, who they feel was closest to the prediction. Lets go "bigshot".