there are mixed reports on where PGMs will be going...and therefore where ELR will be headed in the short term.


the PGM use is in auto industry...

so why are they focused EU.

they should be looking at China and US


US auto engin is back on track.

selling more cars than ever

Japan auto is also back on track... post Tsunami


yes EU zone is bleeding but the US and China should compensate for the loss.


also, its interesting to note that most PGM producers are lossing money at current price levels...

ELR is not alone

that means mgmt of most PGM producers have missed the mark ...and not by a small amount...

stock prices in PGM have dropped more that 1/2 ...


on the other hand, the financiers keep pumping money in to these junk companies, with targets in the $0.50/share range in 2013 for ELR


they obviously know something that the retail investor does not?

if anyone does know whats the secret, do share....!!!