DD is right but in todays market you can tie up cash for some time in a company that trades at cash. CC will be selling into next week and then I suspect it will be over. Still could be dead money for a few months but like any of the venture that has taken a big hit, patience will pay off. Many, including DD called a bottom in April at .31. Again in June at .17. And now in Nov at .12. All we are getting is selling volume so until CC get's rid of the few million shares they are tax loss selling, cash is where it is at. The TSE could still see Nov/Dec and May/Jun lows before the end of the year. The Sept-Nov top on the TSE is pretty hard to look at, at the moment. The may 1600.00 lows on Gold are still a possibility here short term. At least that is what my gold channal 2005-2014 says. Channal shows 1900 Low-2100 High within this channal for Aug 2014 matching continued inflation.