...these cals mean that the stock is way undervalued.

resources in the ground are worth alot.

the stock price will move up. why?


because the supply/demand equilibirium is shifting.


think of china alone. forget EU.

china will drive the demand.


South Africa hold world 75% of PGMs. they're in shut down mode.

ie., the rate of PGM mining is declining.

its only matter of time before demad will outpace supply. 

that will lead to PGM price going up.


also, USD is goind down. hence PGM prices which are denominated in USD will go up.

this will drive the price of ELR up.


also, as mentioned, ELR mineral resources are worth something more than ZERO, which is the value being attributed to them right now.


my take is the following;

management will get fired very soon 


company will be sold very soon


the major investors will not sit around and let this sink like a rock