...this is very unusual.

ELR is trading at CASH value of $0.18/share


ie., their PGM production of approx 60,000 oz/yr  is really not being priced in.

IMO, ELR is a primed for takeover at this price point.


PGM are going to go up. THIS IS A FACT.

If AU is expected to be @ $2400/oz, the you can be PGMs  will track rigth behind it.

If AU goes to 2400/oz by next year, that will a 40% approx jump.

Can you imagine what'll happen to PGMs pricing?


Yes PGM is linked to global economany, but in the end it is traded in USD. and we all know USD is going SOUTH in the coming years the fed printing machine in full force.


Anyway, my take is that ELR will be history in less than 6 months at current price point. I wil write it down somewhere... just to remind myself   :))



IF I"M WRONG in my analysis, let me know.