About China's power storage plans....


"Between now and 2021 they have set a target to achieve storage of 5% of their total electrical generation, not just on renewables. They are going to be generating 2.4 billion kw of power so if you do the math you see that storage—this is a massive new industry.”


China's Grid Storage Plan


2.4 billion kilowatts equals 2.4 million MW, 5% of that would provide 120,000 MW of storage. If 20% of that storage from Vanadium Redox Batteries (VRB's) it would provide 24,000 MW's of Storage Capacity from VRB's.


One MW VRB requires 10 tonne of Battery Grade V2O5, so only China would require 240,000 tonne Battery Grade V2O5.


240,000 tonne equal 529.10 million pounds of Battery Grade V2O5 over the 9 year period, or 58.8 million pounds annually for China alone.


If we added India, Europe, Japan and the other Asian Nations, North Anerica, Europe, South America and Africa using ssimilar amounts Battery Grade V2O5 for their storage needs its easy to see demand for Vanadium in just grid storage could be sever times China's storage needs.


One must note, that if Energizer's Green Giant Vanadium Deposit converted half of its 60 Million TonneV2O5 ore body, grading 0.7% with recoveries of 82% to 30 Million Tonne of Proven and Probable Reserves grading 0.7% with recoveries at 82% and operating at 7,500 TPD could produce:


2204.6 x .0.007 x 0.82 x 7500 x 360, or ~34.2 million pounds annually for 11 years and supply and supply 58% of China's annual storage needs to 2021.