Northern Graphite was also a pump job - rocketing to 3.42 before settling down to 1.00 only 11 months later. 

The markets aren't easy to predict, and I don't believe that short term share price is an indicator that you need to sell (especially when the index is down to 52 week lows). Lots of people get burned jumping in on pump jobs only to see the bubble burst with them on the outside - isn't that the teachings of the dotcom bubble? Use common sense to see what makes sense, as opposed to following the masses? 

EGZ is a junior resource, it obviously has risks. But it is huge, is close to the surface, and has decent purity. The cost of estraction should be low, and given the size, it should be profitable. To me, the risk seems low relative to it's current market cap, and that's why I won't be selling. 

As indicated above, ZEN is not risk free either. It has no estimate of size, and vein deposits are typically deep - meaning a higher cost of extraction (so I have read - correct me if this is wrong). What pleases the markets today may not tomorrow, see Goldquest Mining for an example of this.