Imo EFR is very leveraged to the price of Uranium. Take a look at the past few months. U hit a low around $41 in late Oct/Nov, then rebounded to around $45 in late Dec. But now U is going back down a bit... and EFR has moved in tandem with the move in U. Granted, this is a short period of time, but my point is, EFR will have a big Beta when Uranium finally goes up. You want EFR to move, wait for U prices to rise.

The stock o/s is a problem for sure, but even like this, with a $20 rise in U, there is a chance for .60 in my opinion. Which is a triple from here.

As for financing, I'm not sure I have the exact figures. Does anyone know how much cash we have left and what we need this year?

Many thanks,