I am a kin to the homeless mutt whom once fed, returns again and again expecting, almost feeling entitled to that small morsel. What shall I do? Where shall I go? once the pork hating jihadist interupt the making of the meal from which my morsel came to be my meal.......A wise Monk once said "We shall  see" when all investors praised the violence which came with the engagement of the natives by the Nations that be. While the battles were fought with rules that were abhered to, the rebels fought with one objective clear. As is the strategy in any War, set forth so long ago by the Art of Sun Tzu. Thee who inflicts the most damage it is clear will be left standing when all others have cleared......To the laymen, it is human nature to come to expect that which has been provided time and again for extended periods. When it is no longer feasible and/or affordable we forget all that has been given and turn our backs on the very hand that has fed us for so long. As for the diligent effort by brave soldiers from unilateral Countries, I applaud their good intentions! Let us not forget however what the path to Hell is paved with. My point being is this, in any conflict involving aggression the main goal of the oppossing forces is to cause maximum damage to the other. The goal of the newly formed United Army is to drive out / regain control from the rebels. The rebels main goal however is to cause max damage to their enemy, their enemy being the State. In this case the State being the country of Mali, How does one cause max damage to Mali? The easiest way is to destroy the economy! What is the driving force behind the Malian economy? Royalties derived from the various mining companies. How many rebels will have to die before they give up? Remember these are'nt rag tag groups fighting for food and water, these are Hard core Islamic radicals looking to enact Sharia Law world wide? From what I've exp they don't give up, they attack, scatter and regroup only to attack again. Now ask yourself this question, How many local mining employees deaths before the mines shut down? Is the current plan of action the right way to address the issue? "We shall see"