Actually, I wasn't asking for your advice nor was I giving you any. You are obviously not in control of your emotions & should not operate a motor vehicle or drive a computer.

The warrants were what I said could be used towards a dividend, specifically because they could expire worthless in a year [& can't be counted on as revenue] & they bring in the lions share of the money. But you deliberately used the cheap options as a red herring because  the warrants didn't support your argument. Further, you've ended your rant with name calling & personal attack. And due to the fact that your supposed self ascribed 'intellect' is spent you have announced that you are putting me on ignore, meaning you won't read or respond anymore, lol. Good move [probably your best].  In the end I can only agree with one of your statements, & that is, that you are indeed, 'brain dead'.

In the end I don't know what has got some of you so upset that you have to rant & rave & tell people they should get out of the investment. Seems quite ridiculous. The company is going to do whatever it likes anyway so try not to give yourself a stroke.