Yes, lets use magic beans to somehow get the stock high enough to exercise all those options so we can pay you a dividend that would amount to a yield of 2% at most.  Of course we will have to curtail the development of our projects because we are already swimming in debt and all our cashflow is eamarked for buildouts.  You should also be aware that a good portion of that capital for the cheaper options is required as well for corporate development and you can confirm that with the company if you can't do the math from the balance sheet and quarterly reports.

I can't read these posts on EDV anymore because although there are some intelligent people that understand capital markets, there are far more that are absolutely clueless. 

Uggg my advice to you is sell EDV and buy a senior gold and collect your 1-2% yield from a company that can afford it because if you had the slightest bit a knowledge on how to read financial statements, you would know this company can't.  Either way, I have to put you on ignore because your posts are so painfully moronic, i feel brain dead after reading them.