There's room. If they laid out a strategy of how much & when they were going to pay a dividend [close to warrant expiry] they could get the share price over the magic $2.50 [& probably a lot more] there would be plenty of funds for a dividend. Maybe the share price will get there anyway but maybe mot. I don't hold a lot of warrants but I'm sure people that do would like them in the money.

Share Capital as of December 31, 2012

Issued Shares         410,722,744
Options Strike Price Range   Strike Price
  CDN$0.01 CDN$1.48   CDN$1.17 1,845,639
  CDN$1.51 CDN$2.00   CDN$1.76 12,466,700
  CDN$2.04 CDN$2.47   CDN$2.37 1,248,220
  CDN$2.64 CDN$2.95   CDN$2.67 7,874,312
  CDN$3.70 CDN$4.69   CDN$4.51 2,260,071
  CDN$8.48 CDN$44.96   CDN$28.75 179,876
Warrants Symbol Expiry   Strike Price  
  EDV.WT.A Feb 4 2014   CDN$2.50 32,487,501
  Unlisted Warrant   CDN$0.34 544,390
Fully Diluted Shares       469,629,453
Proceeds from Options & Warrants with Strike Prices of CDN$2.50 or less CDN$108.5 million
Proceeds from All Options & Warrants CDN$144.9 million