I really don't get the concept of dividend at this point.  In household terms,  that would be the same as getting a cash advance on your visa and then taking the money home and saying to yourself. " i got a bonus today"  They do not at this point have the cash to pay it out. Its that simple. Look at the balance sheet.  They have a 200m credit facility which as of q3 was half drawn, they have significant obligations as far as capital costs,  they just took a big hit on killing their hedge book, and although they are cashflow positive, almost all of that is earmarked for exploration and buildouts.  There is no money to payout without just adding to the credit facility, and thats assuming the credit facility doesn't contain a covenant that would allow it anyways.  You are not creating wealth when you are just adding  more debt to pay yourselves.  I am glad the guys runninng EDV have a greater grasp on economics then some of you.