Sadly, I've been waiting until i got a new Avatar before I posted but SH has a glitch so I assume no one will take me seriously (yet!).

I certainly hope there are not acquisitions over the next 6 or so months.  EDV has more than enough on their plate and has yet to consolidate stronger.  Each time the SP started to consolidate and strengthen, another acquisition was announced.  A few months of meandering in no-mans land until it is voted on and then approved.  We need to see some growth in SP before anything else is considered.  I believe that was the underlying theme in the last NR.

Unfortunatley, Mali has worsened instead of improving since the takeover was first announced (president removed by military regime...north still uncontrolled).  AVR shareholders might still be bytching about not having their EDV shares but that takeover sure saved their bacon.  Original EDV shareholders have paid for far.

Cote d'Ivoire news also isn't great.  Gold tax was passed in their parliament last week.  17-20% tax on profits when gold is ~1600 (tax increments up or down by 1% for every $50 movement in gold price).  Not a game breaker but I hope they're not committed to the Agbou mine at this point until it is re-evaluated.

And golds in general have taken yet another beating.

My guess is that things can only improve.  Numbers from Mali may be the catalyst.

And if you still don't have your EDV (transferred) shares....there seems to be lots for sale right now if you have that empty feeling.