Geez, Wizard, I too am perplexed; however, I think the problem must have something to do with the fact that most "investors" are dumber than a sack of hammer handles, and more ignorant of reality than Fox News. I can't fathom why any true "investor" would sell shares at this valuation a a time when gold prices only have one way to go, thus increasing EDVs cash flow even more!

For many years, EDV wanted to increase its share liquidity...After two "mergers/acquisitions" the number of trading shares have increased to the point where share buybacks could now be undertaken...I'm following one company - EXN - which just issued a TSX notice of "course issuer bid" for one year...stock price has increased about 20% on that news alone in a couple of days!!

I trust management to make the right decisions. They are making all the right moves so far in W.Africa as far as I'm concerned. The ignorant hammer-handles that are selling here will - I hope - shortly regret their decision. jmho.