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The Top 5 Silver Stocks for 2013

4. Endeavour Silver (NYSE: EXK  )
This exceptionally well-managed silver producer commands careful attention from investors at this juncture, since here beneath $8 per share this stock is dramatically disconnected from fair value. Endeavour's acquisition of the previously mismanaged El Cubo mine from AuRico Gold (NYSE: AUQ  ) earlier this year was a bold and cunning maneuver to leverage the company's proven capacity to generate shareholder value by efficiently turning struggling operations into mines of Endeavour's signature quality.


Only this time, they've taken on a far bigger challenge than they've ever faced before, and so naturally the investment gains that would result from the completion of an effective and timely turnaround of the El Cubo complex are multiplied accordingly. Knowing this management team as well as I do, following a pair of visits to Endeavour's Guanajuato area operations, I am extremely comfortable investing in a successful outcome at El Cubo.


I had the opportunity to visit the El Cubo mine for myself just a short time after Endeavour had taken the reins, and I found the company already making important progress in mine productivity, safety, and profitability. Ultimately, I believe that the ongoing turnaround at El Cubo could help propel Endeavour's shares beyond $20 apiece, while for the year 2013 I'm looking for a return of 40% to nearly $11.