From The Motley Fool:

Following the launch of QE2, I offered my own prediction that gold and silver would "continue through near-term price targets of at least $1,500 and $30 per ounce" as a result of that monetary blitz. Sure enough, by the end of June 2011 gold stood precisely at $1,500 per ounce, while silver delivered a remarkable 38% surge to land just about where it stands today near $34.50 per ounce. A position in my preferred gold and silver bullion proxy -- Central Fund of Canada (AMEX: CEF) -- would have returned 16% during QE2. And although the mining stocks at large struggled to outshine the metals during this period for reasons I've discussed before, several noteworthy performances like Sandstorm Gold's (NYSE: SAND  ) 85% advance and Endeavour Silver's (NYSE: EXK  ) 74% ride nonetheless permitted successful stock pickers to share in the Fed-borne bounty.