The largest contract for the amphitheater has been attributed to ADF Group, Terrebonne, which will build the steel structure for $ 46.64 million, an amount less than $ 1.5 million compared to estimated.

Work in the field of the future Quebec City arena.(Photo: QMI Agency) 

Three bidders have emerged as part of this tender.Canam Manac came second, with 50.88 million and Construction Proco the last row with $ 56.74 million. The estimate of the City totaled $ 48.1 million.

"We hope that does not exceed the estimates, as it was the largest contract (...) so this is a great victory today (...) we are really happy because a big contract when it exceeds it exceeds big and then have to catch up, "commented Mayor Régis Labeaume.

The compliance of tenders should be checked, as all contracts. As it is an amount of more than $ 40 million, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) will also give the green light.

The mayor stressed the accuracy of the initial estimate, which is found between the first and the second bidder. He explained that the amounts were released without charges because the City does not pay for the proposed amphitheater.



On whether he was disappointed that Canam Manac did not win the contract, the mayor stressed that the goal was to pay the lowest price possible. "So we do not have a preference," he said.

The mayor also noted that "the Quebec City arena is not a place to do things," unless it is to save money later.

Encouraged by saying that so far "we are in and it's going well," the mayor says there will be additions to a point. "We know there will be additional costs here and there, so the important thing is always to keep the balance."



The skeleton of the amphitheater will be visible at the beginning of the fall, according to François Picard, Vice President of the Executive Committee. Roofing membranes and are fully installed for their part in the fall of 2014.

"Here we are still in the hole, but when it will start to come out, people will experience many emotions, and so do we," said the mayor.

Planting stakes nearing completion. He remained twenty last week to plant a total of 1072.

Jean-François Boursier, Chief Financial Officer of ADF Group, said the company has not been contacted by the City of Quebec.

Saying happy to be the lowest bidder, Mr. Boursier said that ADF has not discussed any terms of the contract with the City to ensure that there is no misunderstanding.

"But as there were no outstanding issues, this discussion should be a mere formality and should be understood. It is expected to officially announce the news in the coming days, but it is premature for the moment, "he said.

The contract has not been revealed.

ADF says it should not have to do much with obtaining employment contract. However, if other contracts were added to that of Quebec, it may generate a need for additional manpower, says M Scholar.

Currently, the company Terrebonne nearly 260 employees.



The ADF also has facilities in the United States with a manufacturing structural metal in Great Falls, in the state of Montana in the United States. The company is also responsible for the construction of the steel structure towers 1 and 4 of the new World Trade Center, as well as the new transit station site.

Since 1956, ADF Group specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of complex steel structures, components, heavy steel, as well as miscellaneous and architectural metalwork for the sector non-residential construction.