This registration begins February 22 in town of Uyurpampa

MEM accelerates delivery of gas stoves and rural electrification in Incahuasi

Ferreñafe February. 14 (ANDINA). Some 400 families Uyurpampa town center and surrounding areas in the Andean district of Incahuasi, will benefit from gas stoves delivering the Government, estimated today representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) that reached the town in the province of Ferreñafe (Lambayeque).
FERREÑAFE, PERU-FEBRUARY 13. Families Uyurpampa town center and surrounding areas, in the district of Incahuasi, will benefit from gas cooking kits. Photo: MEM.

Sector officials and local authorities formally agreed to start the registration of beneficiaries on February 22, albeit preliminary attended the first families in the seat of the municipality.

Kitchen program representatives Peru and the National Rural Electrification reported more than 350 residents and community authorities to access requirements kits gas cookers (including a GLP ball ten kilos) and rural electrification projects in the area.

It was in response to an invitation from the mayor of town of Uyurpampa, José Carlos Bernilla to accelerate the implementation of projects MEM.

After explaining the advantages of the use of gas stoves on health, the family economy and the environment, Eduardo Archimbaud, kitchen Peru program coordinator, outlined the procedures to be followed for families in poverty are beneficiaries with free delivery in the kit soon.

Subsequently, MEM staff reported on the forthcoming implementation of the Social Inclusion Energy Fund (FISE) in that locality, and in the districts of Incahuasi and Cañaris, which consists of monthly delivery of a voucher for 16 soles each family in poverty for the acquisition of a domestic LPG ball.

Regarding rural electrification, in the coming days will be the evaluation work and needs of each of the towns of Uyurpampa together with their authorities, to be attended in the installation of conventional power grids and panels solar and photovoltaic.