Long arm of agitator Santos reaches Cañaris

Thursday, February 14, 2013 18:42
Editor The Cajacho
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The Lambayeque Regional Vice President said that behind the worn activism Cañaris investments, besides being former MRTA terrorist prisoners, acts the New Left Movement (MNI, electric facade Patria Roja) hand in hand with the Movement of Social Affirmation (MAS) led by Gregorio Santos.

Juan Pablo Horna noticed that one of the most important leaders of Cajamarca radicals, former MRTA member and president of the Environmental Defense Front called, Wilfredo Saavedra, has spoken about the problem Cañaris and expressed strong support for the cause-mining in lambayecano this district.

To this is added, he said, the political apparatus of the regional president Gregorio Santos.

In that vein said anti-mining protests that began in January in Canaris (coincidentally with the installation of the Development Committee for this district that promotes PCM) and included marching against the mining camp and blocking roads, "is an imitation, one carbon copy of what happened to Conga, Cajamarca ".

Another feature of anti-mining groups in Cajamarca and replicated Canaris noted, was the campaign of subjugation and threats against those who disagreed with them and opposed their dictates.

Horna said the campaign against a major mining investment in Cañaris only harms its population, considered one of the poorest in the country.

He said the anti-mining campaign blatantly lying about the consequences that the mining industry can bring and denied that this endangers agriculture.

In that regard, he recalled that for three years he worked as a teacher in the province of Cajamarca Hualgayoc jurisdiction where no force Santos Guerrero lack of social support because for many years there was mining in the area after completing the life of deposits were withdrawn, while "agriculture is not only not disappeared but thanks community development projects supported by the peasants companies improved their quality of life and agricultural productivity."