Miguel Santillana: "A Cañaris not for prior consultation"

Monday, January 28, 2013


This article was originally settled by Oscar1149 in the t.dnt Bullboard, entitled "impossible to community referendum Cañaris" with post # 32089097 of 01/28/2013. As this article of the Investigator Miguel Santillana, is very illustrative I return it to the bullboard, especially when the ultra-left anti-mining continue using your Franchise. With the link, you have access to the video of the interview with Miguel Santillana and Spanish text.

The researcher said that the deputy minister of multiculturalism recognizes only four tribes in the mountains. "We are a cultural syncretism since the sixteenth century," he said.
False expectations??. "It has sold very poorly prior consultation," said Santillana (Video: Ernesto Lastra)

Is the population of Canaris opposed the project mainly Cañariaco?
In September 30, last year the president imposed a community consultation, bringing people of Cajamarca. This consultation is irritable invalid because the Peruvian is who convenes and Canaris also not on the list of indigenous peoples of the Vice Ministry of multiculturalism.

So not theirs prior consultation?
Right. What we know of Mr. Ivan Lanegra List (Deputy interculturalism) is that for reasons anthropological, sociological and economic recognizes 48 indigenous peoples in the forest and only 4 in the Sierra: The Uros on Lake Titicaca, the Aymara in Puno, an indigenous people in the province of Yauyos in Lima and finally the Quechua, but has not defined its geographical space. That has stalled.

It is assumed that the query should be applied to the geographical area to which it is linked by cultural ...
But economic history is unknown in Peru because, at least from my point of view and I can discuss, no indigenous peoples of coast and mountains from the sixteenth century, we are a cultural syncretism. I would ask that instruct reading Arguedas's doctoral thesis. Until the institution of the council come XVI century. The varayoc using indigenous mayors preinca not, but the reform of the Viceroy Toledo. We can not be coming from California hippies step, come think something exotic and untouched. We must recognize that we are a mixture. Then, no prior consultation applies Cañaris ...

But in the jungle itself ...
The Incas never conquered the jungle. According to the treaty Tordecillas separated the Spanish and Portuguese, but only came to the jungle missionaries. Establishing domain was not Spanish. They recently took part in our history when slaves were rubber tapping. And then he wanted to conquer the jungle Belaúnde central settlers. I agree that there are 48 ethno-linguistic groups, and according to the 2007 census there were 330,000 people. They must be consulted ...

So they have created false expectations about the consultation?
It has sold very poorly prior consultation. There is a fundamental problem because the people understand as query to be asked whether or not they accept the project, and if you say it is not. But the ILO convention says that the state is sovereign decision. Then, call reporting process or anything else, but it is not consultation.

Are the agreements are not binding?
They are not binding, so many NGOs wanted to insist that if they were. But the ILO since 1989 has set no.

According to the company, the inexperience mining in the area is the reason for the distrust ...
Cañariaco would be the first major mine in Lambayeque. No mining royalties and Cajamarca had no experience before Yanacocha.

Do you think I should change the way we manage the canon?
The current model has shown its limitations and perversions. We have an ongoing decentralization process since 2003. Currently, there are regional government departments administered. In the referendum of 2005 nobody wanted to join one. And that was because they wanted to share the fee. The fee must be a new dimension and operationally. It is a crime that several regional governments inexperience and incompetence save millions in the Bank of the Nation, the population needs to exist.

Are the resources should be managed by the central government?
Peru is a unitary country. Gold, water and other resources are all Peruvians. Recall the quarrel between Moquegua and Tacna.
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Julio Leon Rosales

Excellent accuracy, and shows the picture should be aware NGOs seeking chaos in areas inhabited Peruvian where the state comes dimly, the Prosecution should act against the perpetrators of the outrages generation and destruction.

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rene saux Spigno

as always, well informed Santillana.


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[email protected] Falvy

GOOD LORD THIS SANTILLANA, UNFORTUNATELY NOT OPEN ON TV interview for both journalist who does not understand, for example, the prior consultation REPORT NO MORE TRACK YOU AND SO THESE ARE ENEMIES anti-mining a scourge for the country.