Judiciary concuñado orders arrest of Gregorio Santos.
Monday, February 4, 2013 10:20  

The judiciary ordered the arrest of Jaén Ginés Willy Cruz Guerrero, concuñado regional president of Cajamarca, Gregorio Santos, in the process for serious injuries to his former employee Segundo Pérez Delgado. The order was issued by the First Criminal Court of Peace Counsel of Jaén to be conducted "grade strength" to the hearing on 21 March.

In June, Perú21 reported that Cruz Guerrero worked as an elementary school teacher, but to create his construction company was favored with sanitation works that gave Santos during his tenure. Therefore, now is being investigated by the Attorney General and the Comptroller.

Since January, the brother in law of Santos is the director of Institutional Management in Regional Education Directorate of Mother of God.

Our sources said they got the job thanks to friendship with President Santos of that region, Jorge Aldazábal, known for his affinity with informal mining.