March organized by anti-mining industry in Cajamarca unnoticed.
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 12:29 Editor The Cajacho Hits: 1. . . (ANDINA). The new rally called for today by anti-mining industry in Cajamarca goes unnoticed, said the general manager of the local chamber of commerce, Luis Céspedes, who stressed that the activities are carried out normally.

"The manufacturing sector continues its work of Cajamarca normally, markets, like stores have opened their doors and tourism has not had major problems," he told Andina.

He argued that this shows that most do not want more protests cajamarquinos that run counter productive activities. "Instead they want development proposals," he said.

He recalled that February is a festive month for Cajamarca, as it celebrates the traditional carnival. "We are the capital of Peruvian carnival atmosphere lives a racket," he said.

The leader Wilfredo Saavedra said Wednesday it would hold a new march today against the Conga mining project and Mayor Ramiro cajamarquino Bardales.

Furthermore, Cespedes said the dialogue between the regional president Gregorio Santos and the head of the Cabinet, Juan Jimenez, in order to work on the development of the region.

"It was an important step but is required to have a proactive agenda for development, investment and work in association. The only factor of change and progress are responsible investment," he said.