Decentralized office created to boost agriculture in Cañaris 
Ottawa, February. 04 (ANDINA). Cañaris district, located in the mountains of the Lambayeque region, will have a decentralized office designed to promote the development of agriculture, announced today the regional manager of Agriculture, Augusto Velez Delgado. 
He said that office evelop a resident engineer is responsible for advising small farmers in promoting partnerships, rural management and access to technology. 
"In this town there is a rudimentary agriculture, so a specialist will help innovate the agro" he said. 
He noted that the regional government will provide all facilities for the implementation of the office with computers and motorcycles. "We'll start by Canaris is the most overlooked of Lambayeque," he said. 
He recalled that Canaris, where sowing wheat, corn, coffee and fruit, still predominates rudimentary agriculture. "We have already begun discussions with Agroideas initially to meet this depressed area," he added. 
He mentioned as an example to follow Incahuasi district, which successfully established an association of 40 small farmers who grow wheat, high quality product sold on the domestic market. 
"They are using certified seed, which is a great achievement because it means a 30% yield, fertilizer use, drip irrigation and Agroideas they approved a major loan even allowed them to purchase a truck. This is a successful experience gained in the Andean region of Lambayeque, "he stressed.