Affirms Lambayeque regional president, Humberto Acuña


Cañaris Mesa development is an opportunity for the district  

February. 04 (ANDINA). The table Cañaris development is an opportunity for the district and the Lambayeque region, said the regional president Humberto Acuña, who stressed the importance of having formed a working group to evaluate specific proposals relating to mining. "We have to thank the Government for its willingness to generate these subcommittees (environment and mining)," the head of the Lambayeque region and urged correct errors and continue the dialogue. Acuña referred to the leader of the rural community of San Juan de Canaris, Christopher Barrios, who last weekend refused to sign the minutes of the subcommittee on environment and mining. "The order of the leader (to paralyze mining exploration work conducted by Candente Copper and order the withdrawal of police from the area) will be on Saturday (in Ferreñafe) in the relevant subcommittee," he said. He recalled that at the last meeting approved the regulations of Ministerial Resolution 002-2013 of PCM January 10 and is included in the table of development districts Incahuasi and Salas.